The Omega Stone

Maroon Tiger | Friday, November 22, 1968


Omega Dear

With the beginning of the 1968-69 academic year, fraternities on the campus of Morehouse College move into a new era. The future of fraternities at Morehouse really seems bright since each fraternity now has its individual “house.”

The men of Psi Chapter, Omega Psi Phi, Inc. contributed to homecoming by presenting their queens at the coronation: Jeanette Rankin, Miss Omega; Sheila Graham and Linda Uppperman, attendants; and Rosaline Yancey, Miss Lampodas.

The following day in the parade the queens graced the streets of Atlanta with their dove-like presence as they perched upon the Omega float of Purple and Gold.

Following the Homecoming Game, the men of Psi returned to their Fraternity House (Unit 1) and under the leadership of the Basileus, Brother Phillip McCall, they dedicated a memorial to their beloved Fraternity. The stone, which has the shield of Omega carved upon it and the date that Psi Chapter was founded lies at the northwest corner of the Fraternity House. To climax the memorial services, the Brothers along with their queens retired to their lovely lounge.

The Omega Stone aka The Plot c. 2010

To round out homecoming activities, the men of Psi enjoyed themselves at a small private party given at the home of Miss Cynthia Totman, the sister of Dean of Pledges, Michael Trotman.

Phi Beta Sigma

The men of X Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma have made an allowance in their budget for the year 1968-69 to contribute $100.00 to fund the United Negro College Fund Drive. It is the feeling and belief of the men of X Chapter that this gesture is in accord with their program and motto: “Bigger and Better Business, “Education,” and “Social Action,” and “Culture for Service and Service for Humanity.”

Phi Beta Kappa

Delta of Georgia Chapter of United Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, Inc. has announced one of its plans for the 1968-69 academic year. The announcement was made public by Dr. Jeanette Hume, Secretary-Treasurer of Delta of Georgia. 

According to  Dr. Hume, “Delta of Georgia will present Dr. Paul Weiss, Professor of Philosophy at Yale University, in a two-day lecture series which will be conducted in April of next year.” Dr. Weiss will deliver one major address while at Morehouse, and he will also hold several small meetings with groups of students. 

The seminar, which will be sponsored by Delta of Georgia will be financed by the Danforth Foundation.

Students are elected to Phi Beta Kappa by the faculty group. Juniors must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.75 and seniors must possess a 3.25.


In this age of “black awareness,” Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. founded by seven courageous black men at Cornell University in 1906, is and will continue to be a meaningful cog in the machinery promoting black power, consciousness and pride.

For Alpha Phi Alpha, Black Power does not mean revolution by violence, nor the destruction of property, or creation of a separate racist society, or a seperate black economy within the American industrial system. Rather it means the exercise of legitimate means to obtain control over the destiny of the black community by black people is our ultimate concern.

The brothers of Alpha Rho exhibit black power on numerous occasions. This year Alpha Rho is undergraduate chapter of the year. Some of this year’s activities include: the donation of candy to orphaned children on Halloween, a dinner for the underprivileged children on Thanksgiving Day, and a Xmas party before vacation.


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