We Run the Yard

We Run The Yard


No singular organization has contributed more to Morehouse College’s institutional character than the Omega Psi Phi fraternity.

Omega Men at Morehouse have nurtured students, chaired academic departments, overseen admissions, spearheaded capital campaigns, led the college during times of war and austerity, coached debate teams and athletic teams, selected the collegiate colors, founded the school’s world-renowned glee club, and penned its college hymn. Eleven out of twenty-six campus buildings are named after Omegas; forty-four out of the last one-hundred years a Que has served as Morehouse president.

Omegas, many of whom were initiated through Psi and some of whom were initiated through other chapters, have made an enduring impact on Morehouse and the recognizable “mystiQue” it imbues upon its graduates. We have made significant contributions to the College’s esteemed positioning among America’s liberal arts institutions.

Psi members resolutely shout during their signature march, “We know our work is hard / that’s why we run the yard!” This is not hyperbole; it is a clear and confident declaration.

Omega’s influence on Morehouse is absolute and undisputed.

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Image: The Torch Yearbook, 1925.