History of Psi Chapter

On December 6, 1922, at Morehouse College, Atlanta, Ga. Psi Chapter was founded by three men: Brothers Claude B. Dansby, Hiram Gibbs, and William Blocker. These three men having thoroughly gone over the situation saw keenly the necessity of such a movement and decided to plant the first undergraduate chapter of a Greek letter fraternity in an Atlanta Negro institution.

When the idea of establishing a chapter of Greek letter fraternity was presented to the administration it received much opposition. But these stalwart and industrious young men were determined and therefore would not take “no” for an answer. Under their pressure the administration finally gave the go ahead signal.

Through the years Psi has lived up to the standards of the great organization of which it is an integral part.

The stress that Psi has placed on scholarship has been most profound. Members of Psi have won many awards in scholarship. Not only has Psi encouraged men outside of her folds to equip themselves scholastically, but she has stimulated her sons so that they might reach new scholastic heights.

Psi has contributed to worthy causes. Only last year Psi made a contribution to the World Student’s Service Fun, the Red Cross, the National Tuberculosis Association, its annual scholarship award, and many others worthwhile organizations. Psi stands willing at any time to contribute towards a worthy cause.

Psi has not been one sided as so many organizations or individuals are. She has been well represented in sports and other extracurricular activities as well.

Psi has not only encouraged its members to exhibit brotherhood among themselves, but it has also stressed the fact that this brotherhood should be extended to all mankind. Psi has always endeavored to teach each pledgee to cultivate no malice towards pledgees and members of other fraternities; that fair dealing is better than intrigue; that friendship should not terminate because of a variance of fraternal choices; that the welfare of the College be always considered; that cooperation is essential to success.

Long may Psi live and be great. May her glorious past be used as a stepping stone to her promising future. The following words from one of our songs probably express the sentiment of the brothers better than I.

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity

We’ll always love and honor thee;

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity,

We pledge our loyalty to thee;

We’ll always let Omega ring

For we are bound by ties of love

Eternally, eternally


History of Psi Chapter, Omega Psi Phi 7th District Conclave Program, 1948, 6.