The Oracle (May 5, 1922)


The Tenth Annual Conclave of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity authorized and sanctioned the establishment of what has come to be the Psi Chapter at Morehouse College. This Chapter consists of forty brothers—thirty-five students and five teachers. Although we are probably the youngest, both in duration and age, Psi Chapter is composed of men who are thoroughly imbued with the spirit of the Noble Brotherhood and all stand for the things that are good and uplifting. Brother Hardy Sledge, Basileus; Brother J.M. Nabrit, Keeper of Seals; Brother J. Brooks, Keeper of Records; Brother S. R. Heard, Keeper of Peace; and Brother G.J Van Buren, Chaplain, are all men of the class of 1923 with a wonderful vision for Omega.

Psi Chapter holds the men who stand foremost in all lines of college activity. The brothers in the present senior class are athletes, debaters, scholarship men, dramatic artists, musicians, etc. For eight years Brother C.B. Dansby has held the scholarship of his class. This year he is Salutatorian and Brother C.L. Maxey is Valedictorian. Brothers A.S. Mitchell and William Kelly have closely seconded them. Brothers Kelly, Reid, and Richardson are varsity football men of high standing and past members of the basketball squad. Brother Reid is also a varsity debater and a steady prop of the dramatic interests. Brothers Mitchell and W.F. Williams hold the most honored positions in the school of Glee Club and Orchestra, the former being President and the latter Manager, while the association is permeated by members of the Clan. Psi Chapter gives to the world this year eight well-trained and efficient men.

In the other classes the same conditions are found. Brothers Dunson, Heard, Jackson, Maxwell and C. Kelly are prominent in athletics. Brothers Nabrit, Payne and Perry are active in the forensic. Brothers Payne and Howard have been awarded scholarship honors. In music Brother Dunson, Davis, Jackson and others are holding our standards.

On March 31 Shakespeare’s Othello was produced at Morehouse College. Psi Chapter, always keeping in touch with the undergraduate activities was vitally connected with this also, Brothers Reid and Jackson playing the parts of Othello and Iago, Brother Nabrit being Manager of the production. In journalism we are not lacking, Brother Payne is Editor-in-Chief of the school organ with Brother Crawford as associate and Brother Nabrit as Business Manager. This sketch hopes to let you know what Omega is accomplishing through Psi Chapter.

The seventh of April marked the complete establishment of Psi. On that night five neophytes crossed the impenetrable desert that they might be enabled to see the light when they had safely journeyed across the wastes to the Peaceful Shrine, They are Brothers R.E. Brown, D.D. Crawford, Carter, E.J. Grant, and S.S. Morris.

As the youngest child of the only Fraternity, we greet our sister Chapters, wishing them and the Supreme Council “God-speed.”


Chapter Editor.


L. Owsley Harper, “Psi Chapter,” The Oracle, May 5, 1922, 32.