The Oracle (Sept. 20, 1922)


By Brother H. Sledge

The closing of the 1921-22 session at Morehouse marked a very interesting epoch. Not only did Morehouse succeed in scholarship, athletics, and social activities, but she was also thoroughly Omega in spirit. Out of the senior class, which had ten fraternity men, 90 per cent wer Omega. These men were leaders in the various school activities. By way of a summary we will give mention to each man and his worth to the institution.

Brother C.B. Dansby

Brother C.B. Dansby, whom many of the brethren may know, was liked by all that came in contact with him. He was salutatorian of his class and an A1 student in all that he undertook. For two years he was president of the Science and Mathematics Clubs during ‘21 and ‘22. He also acted as an assistant instructor in mathematics.

Brother W.C. Kelley

Brother W. C. Kelley, the star halfback and varsity man of the ‘21 football squad is also an ardent Omega brother. He holds letters in basketball as well as two in football. He served one year as manager of basketball, during which time the team met some of the strongest, yet emerging unscathed. 

Brother Charles Maxey

Brother Charles Maxey is a brother of no small means. Though very quiet and unconcerned, he was a scholarship man and held the coveted honor of valedictorian. He is a man that felt he had failed if his average should approach 90 as a limit. Brother Maxey is one of the newly made brothers, but he has the Omega spirit thoroughly.

Brother Aldus Mitchell

Brother Aldus Mitchesll was also a leading factor in the machine of ‘22. He was an overseer of the campus and left his name on the grounds in a growing way.

Brother N.H. Jones

Brother N.H. Jones was a valuable man in football as well as in his French, German, and Biology. His end is toward medicine and it is toward this goal he is bending every effort. One other thing to be said for Brother Jones is that he is Omega through and through.

Brother F.K. Williams

Brother F.K. Williams is a brother that came to Morehouse in his sophomore year. He soon found it paid to be Omega. He has served as manager of the Glee Club and Orchestra and also as chief printer. Brother Williams has gained the name of a hard worker and his class standing bear out his well-spent efforts. The spirit of Brother Williams is of such that Omega shall only fail after his body shall be exhausted in the cold waves of death.

Brother F. Snellings

Brother F. Snellings, like the other brothers, is one of the noble workers of Omega. He has at various times exerted every effort for the cause. He is planning further study; after which he hopes to represent the standards of the Purple and Gold before the bar.

Brother R. Richardson

Brother R. Richardson, also a member of this class, has shown much ability in the field of science. He has shown special interest in agriculture and the intricate workings of nature. He hopes to enter the University of Iowa this year to do part work in agriculture.

Brother Ira Reed

And lastly may we say that Psi Chapter lost one of her staunchest men last year in Brother Reid. He hails from West Virginia and became one of us in ‘19. During his college career he was varsity football center, varsity basketball center, varsity debater, president of Pi Gamma Literary Society, president of the Glee Club and Orchestra, and manager of basketball. Brother Reid was the reader for the Glee Club and a leading character in three Shakespearean plays. He also won two of the largest prizes offered by the institution. He was equally good in his classroom as he was a man of affairs, helping at all times to keep Omega thriving.


Brother H. Sledge, “Morehouse on the Horizon,” The Oracle, September 20, 1922, 5-7.