The Oracle (Dec. 15, 1922)


The first week in October, 1922, marked the further substantiation of Psi Chapter and the Omega spirit that is thoroughly imbued within the officers and brothers of this chapter. Notwithstanding the fact Psi gave to the world eight well trained and efficient men at the close of last scholastic year, she begins this scholastic year consisting of thirty-two brothers—twenty-seven students and five teachers, Brother C.B. Dansby having accepted a place on the mathematical staff of Morehouse college, is our new brother on the faculty.  Brother Hardy Sledge, Basileus; Brother J.M. Nabrit, Keeper of Seals; Brother J. Brooks, Keeper of Records; Brother S.R. Heard, Keeper of Peace; and Brother G.J. Van Buren, Chaplain, are all standing for the principles of the Noble Brotherhood and are all men of the class of ‘23.

Psi Chapter consists of men who stand foremost in all lines of college activity. The brothers of the present senior class bear a striking similarity to the brothers of the previous senior class, in that they, too, are potent factors in and around Morehouse. In the Y.M.C.A. the fervent services of Brother Van Buren as vice president shows there the efficiency of Omega. In athletics we have Brother Harper piloting the ‘22 varsity at quarterback, with Brothers Maxwell and Kelly ably supporting him in fullback and halfback, respectively, and Brother Howard in guard. Brothers Jackson, Rizell, Nabrit and Parks are members of the squad. As the basketball and baseball seasons roll by Brothers Dunston and Heard will demand attention. The forensic constellation will inevitably contain as the three most brilliant stars, Brothers Nabrit, Payne and Perry. Brothers Howard and Payne have been awarded scholarship honors and are upholding their previous standards. Brother Jackson Rizell has accepted the leading roll in Richard III which is under the auspices of the school organ, “The Athenaeum,” of which Brother Crawford is the Editor-in-Chief. Brother F. W. Taylor serves the public with his accurate reports of the sporting activities of Morehouse, thus holding down the office of Sporting Editor.

Psi chapter is fortunate to possess as one of its loyal active brothers one of the Negroes’ noted violinists, nationally and internationally known in the person of Brother Kempper Harreld. Despite the fact that Brother Harreld conducts one of the largest and most progressive studios in the South, he performs his duties on the faculty of Morehouse Glee Club and Orchestra, his standing 100 per cent Omega. His extraordinary musical perspicacity was demonstrated in his annual violin recital, November 3, 1922, in Morehouse chapel, featuring Mendelshon’s concerts in E minor among other notable compositions of no less merit. On the evening of Dec. 4, 1922, Brother Harreld is presenting to the music lovers of Atlanta Prof. and Mrs. Roy Tibbs, of Howard University.

Brothers Brown, Dunson, Crawford, Grant, Leem Jackson, Rizell and Davis are members of the Glee Club and Orchestra, the latter two functioning as Business Manager and Assistant Manager, respectively. Psi Chapter has had the appreciable pleasure of acting as host to Brothers J.H. Brown,  (Snooky) Taylor, and R.H. Richardson, alumni of Virginia Union, Penn State, and Morehouse respectively; who are now at Tuskegee Institute, Tuskegee, Ala.; Brothers Carter and Graves, who are at Talladega; Brother Hardwick, formerly of Howard U., and Brother Gilbert, of Tenn. State Normal. The doors of Psi Chapter are ever open to visiting brothers. 

Notwithstanding the above facts and accomplishments. Psi Chapter is looking forward unanimously to the eleventh mile post which we are approaching and will pass during the holidays, in Philadelphia, thus turning over and heading a new golden leaf in the purple book of our Noble Brotherhood.

R.E. BROWN, Jr., 

Acting Editor.


R.E. Brown, Jr., “Psi Chapter,” The Oracle, December 15, 1922, 16-17.