The Oracle (March 1925)



Psi Chapter is making strenuous efforts to keep Omega in the limelight in the gate city of the South. On our own college campus we have public discussions of current events, back of which is a well developed program of scholarship. These meetings take place monthly and much interest has been aroused through the discussion of such topics as “The Development of American Politics,” “The Negro in American Politics,” “The Advancement of Medicine and Surgery in the U.S.” These current questions strike a responsive chord in the thoughts of each listener and the open forum afterwards is always enlightening and beneficial.

Of interest especially were the discussions of the first two topics named, led by Brothers Foster Payne and Martin Hawkins respectively. Brother Sam Nabritt and Hardy Sledge in the discussions of the latter showed opportunities unknown in that field of professional work. It is the purpose of Psi Chapter through these meetings to keep not only the minds of the brothers fertile and active but also to stimulate the interest of the entire student body in such matters. 

We have a program outlined for the entire year and progress of the effort will be noted each month in the bulletin.

In addition to this scholarship program, Psi has established for this year a fund in various departments of Morehouse College to be awarded for the most scholarly attainment in the different fields. For the birth of this idea credit is given Bro. R.E. Mays, Bro. Dingwall and Bro. Fladdy. It received immediate response from the body and was instantaneously accepted. 

Psi’s annual outing of last year was acclaimed the best in its history and plans are already being formulated to make the one of this year surpass even the last. Visiting brothers from various parts of the country were our guests and in leaving all left their addresses for this year. Psi hopes they will be able to honor us with their presence as “there’s no gang like our gang.”

The Lampados Club is composed of twenty enthusiasts. All phases of college activities are represented in these fellows. There’s a reason! Now that the first is finished they’re anxious to begin their long, perilous journey through the portals of Omega.

Psi is in full accord with the policies outlined by the Conclave. She will support every effort of the officers towards accomplishment of the duties imposed upon them. Greetings are sent to all the chapters and a most hearty welcome is extended to the newly made chapters.


“Psi Chapter Notes—Morehouse College,” The Oracle, March 1925, 23-24.