The Oracle (June 1925)


Morehouse College

Brothers in Omega:

Psi Chapter begins a new year with a keen desire to adhere to the program of internal improvement. The Chapter is being guided by the slogan “Members versus Men.” It is clearly seen that careful selection of men has been the basis of Psi’s success throughout its history, and this administration has pledged itself to bend its every effort towards the maintenance of this tradition. 

With this in mind fourteen select men were initiated this spring. So effective was the work of the Lampados Club that it was unnecessary to instill Omega ideals into these men; for they came within the portals of Omega saturated with them. Among the group we have excellent scholars, musicians, forceful speakers, social satellites, athletes, a varsity debater, and many aspirants for the team. In short we have a well rounded group of fraters who have the ability to mean much to the fraternity and the world at large. 

Although much effort is being spent in internal organization, members of this chapter as a whole and individually are not inactive when it comes to outside affairs. The Chapter took a part in the exercises in memory of our late Bro., Col. Chas. Young. The chapter also took an active part in the clean up week campaign fostered by the Neighborhood Union. Speeches were made in the schools and colleges throughout the city. 

Working on the belief that occasional whole- some diversion is beneficial, Psi from time to time gives various forms of entertainment. Three of the brothers entertained the chapter with a banquet a short while ago. A very brilliant affair in the form of a matinee dance was given by the chapter in honor of the spring initiates. This affair took place on Friday, March 13, 1925, at the Segalian Club Rooms. The exquisite decorations and the group of young ladies present were characteristic of Psi’s entertainments. Our many friends in the city are now looking forward to Psi’s Annual Picnic which occurs May 30.

The Chapter extends greetings to the Fraternity and wishes all members a pleasant vacation.

A. W. DENT, Basileus. 


A. W. Dent, “Psi Chapter: Morehouse College,” The Oracle, June 1925, 72.