The Oracle (Nov. 1925)


Brothers in Omega:

Brothers of Psi as a whole now appreciate highly the fact that they are affiliated with such a wide awake and active fraternity. One outstanding cause of this realization is the fact that with each summer vacation comes the opportunity to travel and meet Omega men throughout this country and portions of our neighboring country, Canada. They all seem to be filled through and through with that dear Omega spirit.

Filled with new inspiration and vigor, brothers of Psi are ready for a year of hard work. Basileus Dent and his cabinet have outlined an extensive program for the Chapter. One of the principal items is: The scholarship program. This program has been carefully outlined so as to increase scholarship both in the fraternity and Morehouse College at large. Four cash prizes are offered for achievements in scholarship. Psi also plans to take an active part in civic activities whenever an opportunity is presented. She also plans to be represented in every phase of student life. At present, she is well represented on the gridiron. Plans are also being made for various forms of wholesome diversions.

With much pleasure, Psi announces the fact that Fraternities have been recognized at Morehouse College. With the assurance of having the institution behind us, we have reason to believe that unlimited progress will be made this year.

The entire chapter sends greetings to the Fraternity. We expect to see Omega throng Tuskegee Christmas. 

Fraternally yours,


Chapter Editor.


A. W. Dent, “Psi Chapter: Morehouse College,” The Oracle, June 1925, 72.