The Oracle (Feb. 1926)


Brothers in Omega:

Brothers at Psi all join in one song of praise to the Fraternity and especially to the Supreme Council for the par excellent work done in fostgring Omega’s program of internal organization. We fully realize the task of concentrated internal organization when from all sections of the country, requests are being sent for new chapters. Especially are we indebted to the Editor and Staff of the Oracle for giving us such excellent editions of our fraternity magazine. Psi has diligently striven to do her part as one of the sixty one units, realizing that only through the efforts of all will we be able to accomplish the desired end.

Our Basilells, Bro. A. W , Dent, is kept extremely busy both with matters of the fraternity and school since he is the successful business manager of the Oracle and very efficient secretary~treasurer of the Morehouse College Athletic Association. Bro. C. B. Dansby, Professor of Mathematics, by thoroughness in his work and good nature, has won the esteem of the entire student body. Bro. S. H Archer, Jr., our basketball and football star, is also manager of the 1926 baseball team and alternate captain of the 1926 football squad. Bros. J.H. Gadsen, E.B. Williams, W.R. Maynard and Pledgee Dago have completed a succsessful season on the gridiron. Bro. W.B. Scott, by his outstanding scholarship, has won a place on the college faculty as student instructor in science. Bro. B. R. Brazeal is manager of this year’s basketball team.

Although the members of the chapter are busy with scholastic activities, they take advantage of opportunities to take part in community welfare. When there was a splendid bond election in Atlanta recently, members of Psi busied themselves with the task of going from house to house in order to arouse interest among our people in the discharge of their duty as citizens. When the community Chest Drive began each man not only gave a cash contribution but did active work throughout the city in securing contributions to the Chest. These two very successful movements of the chapter were headed by Bro. B. R. BrazeaL Bro. Brazeal is destined to be a leader of men. He is at present leader of the World Court Movement on the campus.

Psi rejoices to announce the initiation of two very promising brothers, Bro. J. W. Lyons, of Washington, D. C., and Bro. C. P. McDow, of Shreveport, La.


Chapter Editor.


J. H. Gadsen, Jr., “Psi,” The Oracle, February 1926, 29.