The Oracle (Oct. 1926)



Psi sends greetings to All college mand and sincerely hopes that each had a prosperous summer.

Every smoothly and efficiently working organization must have some well laid plans. A realization of this has caused Psi to abbonce to each of its members the following:

That Each Member Must:

  1. Take an active part in all College Activities.
  2. Win all the scholarships possible.
  3. Work for fraternal co-operation.
  4. Educate the Pledges along fraternal lines.
  5. Keep up his financial obligations. 
  6. Keep up Scholarship Fund.
  7. Support inter-chapter Council.
  8. Keep a high moral standing.

Each of the above, if carried out, will cause each member to live up to the cardinal principles.

A Brief Comment on Four and Six

Work for Fraternal Co-operation:

It is very essential that each part of an organism function to a high degree in order to get a healthy response on the part of the whole. Psi is very desirous to co-operate with the chapters of the fraternities on the campus and elsewhere. She contributed and took an active part in an inter-fraternal banquet which was given by the several fraternities located on Morehouse Campus. Co-operation must, of necessity, obliterate the fact that efficiency is dependent upon members of certain fraternities only; it is dependent upon the individual.

Educate Pledgees Along Fraternal Lines:

Psi earnestly endeavors to teach each Pledgee to cultivate no malice toward Pledgees and members of other Fraternities; that fair dealing is better than intrigue; that friendship should not terminate because of a variance of fraternal choices; that the welfare of the college be always considered; that cooperation is essential to success.

Keep Up the Scholarship Fund:

As a matter of duty, rather than attempt to counteract the sometimes just accusation on the part of many, that Fraternities are little more than social organizations. Psi has established a scholarship fund. The scholarships are awarded at Commencement. We cannot justify our existence by constantly attacking or defending with pithy words or prophetic utterances, but by some tangible evidence of good.

Psi lost nine valuable members through graduation last year, among whom was Brother W.B. Scott. He was given the starks Prize, which is awarded each year to the man deemed the best man of affairs, and the most helpful Christian gentleman as well as faithful student. In his Salutatory address he plead for tolerance in recognition of religious and scientific facts. For two years he was President of the Glee Club and Orchestra. He was a prominent member of the Shakespearean Cast for several years. As a higher honor and recognition of his efficiency as a scientist, he was appointed student instructor in Physics in his senior year. Brother Scott will study Medicine.  

Brother Judson W. Lyons is to be congratulated as Chairman of the Social Committee, for the suc-cess of the annual picnic, which was given May 31st.

Brother S. H. Archer, Jr., the alI-American End has decided to again try to win new laurels on the gridiron. Our Basileus, Brother E. B. Williams, will also make some “Step” for the position of quarterback. Brother Gadson, the 220-pound Varsity guard and Brother Maynard, will also report for duty.

The President of the Lampodos Club, J. Hervey Wheeler, kept  in touch with each member during the summer. Each seems to be very desirous to trend in the “Divine realms of the Omega Brotherhood.”

Yours fraternally,

B.R. Brazeal


B.R. Brazeal, “Psi Chapter,” The Oracle, October 1926, 135.