The Oracle (June 1927)

Among Our Graduates

Psi Chapter

Today we stand looking toward the East—toward the East from whence spring light and life and love. For to Psi Chapter the sun of Omega never sets; no night of stars appears; no slumber stills the weary brow. Like the Spartans of old, we cry out: God give us strength to fight—to fight—and to struggle on!

The following men will be lost to Psi through graduation—lost to Psi, but to the eternal spirit of Omega, nay. They are Brothers S.H. Archer, Jr., J.E. Beck, B.R. Brazeal, J.H. Gadson, Jr., E.L. Maxwell, F.E. McLendon, C.W. Moore, J.E. Richardson, Jr., J.D. Walthall, E.B. Williams. These men have held high the flaming torch of Omega, the ideals of their Alma Mater, and they principles of manhood. These are a few of the many things that have characterized their efforts along the pathway of worthwhile endeavor.

ARCHER—Varsity football squad, four years: alternate captain, senior year, all-Southern choice, four years; all-American choice, two years; varsity basketball squad, four years; captain, senior year. At the Tuskegee Relay, field day, May 6th, Brother Archer won one silver medal and two gold. He is a true son of Omega.

BECK—Assistant business manager of the ORACLE; member of social committee of Psi Chapter. In all of his activities, Brother Beck has exemplified the true spirit of Omega.

BRAZEAL—Varsity debater; honor man; editor of the college publication; manager of the 1926 basketball squad; student representative to annual convention of the interracial commission at Tuskegee, 1926; retiring Chapter Editor; a man whose heart is unreservedly Omega.

GADSON—Varsity football squad, two years; varsity debater of no mean ability, throughout his college career; president of the senior class and the Athletic Association; auditor of the college publication. Huge in mentality as well as physique. Brother Gadson is a child fashioned after the heart of Omega.

MAXEWLL—Manager of the 1925 football team; secretary-treasurer of the Athletic Association; business manager of the college publication; class historian; loving the principles of Omega.

McLENDON—Retiring Keeper of Records and Seals; president of the Glee Club and Orchestra; secretary of the senior class; imbued with the spirit of Omega.

WILLIAMS—Two Years on the varsity baseball team; varsity debater; honor man; assistant bookkeeper of the college; retiring Basileus; member of the inter-chapter council; student representative of the college Athletic Council; an Omega spirit.

J.M. Nabrit, Jr.

Born September 4, 1900, Atlanta, Georgia. Graduated from Morehouse College, 1923, with honors. Varsity debater three years, never lost a debate. Varsity football, glee club, vice president, Class ‘23. Graduated from Northwestern University School of Law, 1927, with honors. Member, editorial staff of the Northwestern Law Review in junior year. (First Negro to be so honored at Northwestern). Elected member of the house committee, Northwestern, in senior year. (First Negro to be so elected).

Shall practice law in Chicago with the firm of Haines, Moore, Wilkins, and Dawson, 184 W. Washington St.

Married, December 30, 1925 to Miss Norma C. Walton, of Jacksonville, Florida; Haines Institute, Hampton Institute.

Member of Psi Chapter, Atlanta Georgia; charter member of Iota Chapter, Chicago, Illinois; former Basileus of Iota Chapter. Member of the Elks.

And whether listening to the eloquent “sermons” of Robinson, or the salesmanship phraseology of Moore, or the philosophic “Bull” of Walthall, men “faithful over a few things,” one observes that integrity of purpose that has always characterized men of Psi.

For men of Psi struggle on—and forever on: though trials come and foes press hard, they rear their bloody heads to greet the rising sun—and struggle on!


“Among Our Graduates: Psi Chapter,” The Oracle, June 1927, 49-50.