The Oracle (Nov. 1927)


“There where turbid water falls apart

From hidden depths of tangled ooze and mire

The tall white lily lifts its golden heart, 

—Soul, shalt not thou aspire?

Vacation days are gone. Once again undergraduates return to their posts. Life is a spirit of aspiration hovering over the minds of college youth—an awakening with an indomitable urge to go forward, conquer, and subdue. The insignia of yesterday’s triumph is forgotten; tomorrow becomes today. Triumphs rather than trophies are sought. Youth aspires.

And in the onward rush of college youth, one recognizes the profiles of men of PSI, of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. This year marks a new era in the development of Psi. All of the “old heads” are gone; new blood flows.

They who departed handed us the torch with anxious looks on their faces. Anxiously we seized it. As they passed it into new hands—new, but not strange—a tear fell from their eyes. We caught the tear in open palms, breathed upon it; it spun, crystallized, and became an Oracle prophesying great things for the present and greater things for the future. They wondered;  but we smiled, having viewed the horizon.

Most of the pledges have returned. Yet a few more days and all will be back, rallying to the cause of Omega. They too are energetic, and their eyes are turned towards higher heights. A new brother is with us this year—brother Wm C. Patillo from Zeta Chapter, Virginia Union. He has caught the spirit of Psi. He too aspires. And while the turbid waters fall apart, Psi reaches out; Psi holds aloft the glittering standard; Psi aspires; and the goal of her aspirations is the The Best in Omega.


Chapter Editor.


Francis Moses, “Psi,” The Oracle, November 1925, 102.