The Oracle (Feb. 1929)


BROTHERS in Omega:

Along with the customary greetings Psi Chapter sends a reminder to all other chapters of our ever-strengthening organization and that she is in accord with any constructive move undertaken by the Fraternity as a unit or any of its parts separately.

We begin our work this school year (1928-29) under a new administration and the handicaps of a heavy loss in power which the inevitable yearly college graduations cause us continually to suffer. “The Great” E.E. Butler, who was a varsity debater last year and whose style of winning an approach to “the fairer sex” was faultless, has journeyed successfully through his college career. His “Roomy” (room-mate) E.F. Wilson, former Basileus of this Chapter and favorite of the fairest of Atlanta girls, goes with him out to labor hard in this wonderful world of ours, for each has been touched by some lady philosopher? No! Then contrive to meet Francis Moses. He is easy to approach and his mode of address fascinating. A better student than he was not to be found in his class. Wit was keenly appreciated by Bruce McGoodwin and few were more capable of giving it. A man with an intellect more keen and an imagination more extensive I have not knowingly met. As for a cool, clear head W. Dean Pettus was unsurpassed. Under the weight of a great handicap plus being a scientific student, the best he could do in the way of scholarly attainment was to finish as “Salutarian” of his class.  Many social lights have wandered about this earth of our but few in a more colorful manner than J.W (The Mighty Bull) Lyons, Jr. His “bearing” suggests at once to an onlooker, “Urban life” and “Cosmopolitanism.” Can you look behind the reaches of a man’s physical outline? Yes! Then pierce the look of complacency that H.T. (Pee Wee) Sampson wears and gain the avenues to a subtle mind. Fel the pulse of a man who perseveres. M.J. Beavers goes quietly upon his way. His companionship is delightful and his spirit in Omega fervent. These Brothers we have lost. But, in the wake of their departure  come younger, but equally energetic men who will drink in the invigorating stream of Omega.

Let us all enter perseveringly into the tasks immediately before us!

O.M. Beverly, Chapter Editor


O.M. Beverly, “Psi,” The Oracle, February 1929, 20.