The Oracle (June 1929)



Psi Chapter tends the heartiest greetings to all members in Omega, and wishes to submit the following names of brothers as its recently installed executives for the year 1929-1930. 

B.W. Fitts, Basileus; R.B. Stewart, Keeper of Records and Seals; J.C. Bridges, Keeper of Finance; H.W. McElrath, Chapter Editor; R.W. Riley, Chaplain; and E.S. Lang, Keeper of Peace.

These brothers, having been duly installed by Bro. H.H. Thomas, seventh district representative, fervently expressed their desire to ever serve Omega through Psi as its executives so that there might never be seen a flicker in the glow of the light of Omega.

Psi has entered zealously into all activities here at Morehouse, but nevertheless it has found time to consider the interfraternal tournament with much momentum. Bro. B.F. Beverly handled the business end with so much unerring precision that much of its success can be attributed directly to him.

The game with the Alphas at Sunset Park settled once more the inter-fraternal basketball championship. No brother who witnessed games  played by the Omega wonder quintet will ever doubt that the oft spoken of “Omega Spirit” is a real, living thing, an activity. 

In the first game of the tournament, our battle with the Kappas, it was conceded that the Kappas would win, but two minutes of the game had not passed before the fans decided that post-tournament ratings of Omega was off, for before the half closed Omega had the game on ice. The final score being 37-23.

The second game was the thriller, no team of players staging a game for a movie play could have produced such a successful climatic finish as did Gunn, Crawford, Hazard, Cubot, and Archer. Both the Sigmas and the Omegas held the lead three times during the game. After securing a three point lead, Crawford and Gunn with the help of their teammates froze the ball for eight minutes and won the game 21-20. It was Crawford who brought the boys to the front by dropping two baskets from the center of the floor.

In the final game the Omegas were so superior to the Alphas that the second team played quite a bit of the game. The first passing of the Omega Quintet held the Alphas at their mercy and after the first five minutes of the game the Alphas were never in position to make things interesting.

The play of the Omega Quintet was featured by the playing of “Dad” Crawford and Gunn with “high pockets” Archer making his opponents look bad trying to reach the ball. The coaching of “Chief” Aiken showed itself in the manner in which the boys handled the ball. After the last game the Championship cup was presented by Mr. H.R. Dunmore president of the Inter-Fraternal Basketball League. The Alphas were defeated by a score of 39-12.

Fraternally yours,

H.W. McElrath,

Chapter Editor


H.W McElrath, “Psi,” The Oracle, June 1929, 36.